A program to calculate the diameters of strings, individually or in sets, for lutes, baroque guitars and other string instruments.

I have written this program partly because I have found it useful to experiment with string data in the way that it allows and partly as a programming exercise. I have decided to make it available as freeware so others can try it out and see if they can make use of it. There is a help file of sorts, but it should be fairly intuitive to use, especially if you are used to the slide rule type calculators that the string manufacturers produce.
You can download the 'package' file or just the help file (if you want more information) below. The files are zipped so you'll need Winzip or another decompression utility to extract the files. Installation notes are included in the 'package'.
If you do try this program, please let me know what you think. I am keen to improve and update it, so give some feedback, click on the 'Contact' button above.

StringCalc32 features...
1. String length range.
StringCalc32 can handle any string length from 30cm to 100cm. (Diapasons up to 200cm).

2. Tension suggestions.
Tension can be entered manually or use the automatically calculated tension suggestions.

3. Pitch range.
The pitch range of StringCalc is g'' to C'

4. String material types.
StringCalc supports 4 preset types plus two user defined types. Density constants can be set for all string types.

5. Reference tuning note.
A reference note from the PC speaker can be produced corresponding to the frequency of the string under consideration.
Screen shot of StringCalc32
6. Print preview.
StringCalc32 combines text output with a print preview. This shows exactly how printed output should look, and allows the user to copy the string set to the clipboard to paste into other windows applications.

7. File handling.
StringCalc32 still supports the old 16 bit files made with the previous version.

8. Support for diapason strings.
It is perfectly possible to produce string sets for 13 course lutes, theorboes, archlutes etc.

9. Reverse Calculation in single string mode.
Enter then diameter of a string along with tension and string length, StringCalc will give you the pitch.

Download StringCalchere...

NB. I can now confirm that StringCalc does work in winXP Home.
The only thing that causes problems is the tone generator which will crash the machine if you try to use it.
Many thanks to those who sent me emails about XP compatibility.

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